Monday, 22 June 2015

Ready to Conquer Your Arachnophobia?

Kajiki Town, part of Aira City, Kagoshima Prefecture

Welcome to Kajiki!  It’s a town in southern Japan and holds some incredible sights to see.  There’s the old road that used to be the gateway to Edo (now Tokyo) and the beautiful Ryumon Waterfall.  There’s another little gem here, a festival that occurs every year in the midst of the rainy season.  But you might not want to go there unless you want to cure your arachnophobia.

Tuesday, 2 June 2015

4 Or More Pinterest Tips for Aspiring Authors

You’re an aspiring writer.  You’re set on publishing your book and you’re floundering in the editing stage.  You’ve heard about authors promoting their work on Pinterest and you thought you’d give it a shot.  Sound like you?  Well, that’s exactly where I’m at right now.

The problem is that all those blog posts are for people who have already published.  Looking to market your book on Pinterest?  Here are 20 great tips.  Are you an author who’s new to Pinterest?  This is how you should be setting up your Pinterest page.  There’s such an overwhelming amount of information out there!  I’m an aspiring author.  I’m not published yet.  What tips do you take and what do you leave?

These are the questions I’ve been facing lately and I’m out to solve them.  I googled for several ideas, and I’ve found some that resonate with me.  If you’re a writer looking to branch out into the Pinterest world, here’s some excellent advice.